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Alien Aisha - Enamel Pin by Wiirdo

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Image of Alien Aisha - Enamel Pin by Wiirdo

It's from outta Neopia and fresh outta the Vending Machine! Cute alien aisha's crash landed from space to say hi!

Raised gold and hard enamel pin by @Wiirdo!


Pins will be available in three qualities! Grade A, B and C.

-A Grade will be pins with little imperfections, such as minor scuffs, tiny bubbles, and very minor enamel underfill.

-B Grade will be pins with scuffs on the sides, metal oxidization, some imperfections on the metal plating, multiple air bubbles and low fills.

-C Grade will be discounted due to quality, more scuffs and oxidization, noticeable imperfections and enamel defects.


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